Corporate Events

We would love to provide the entertainment for your business or corporate event! People of all ages enjoy getting to meet our furry friends, and the event would bring memories that last a lifetime. As with our other events, we would provide your guests with the ability to greet and feed the animals, while we entertain them with fun facts and stories about their breeds and personalities. We have worked with area churches such as Crosspath in East Ridge, First Baptist of Fort Oglethorpe, schools like Signal Centers and Battlefield Primary, and we have also been featured at JFEST and the Ronald McDonald House Charities Autumn Children’s Festival. These are just a few our events, but no event is too small or too big!

Our event package includes:

  • Excellent assortment of our buddies
  • Sanitizer station
  • Sun awnings/canopies
  • Animal feed bags for the participants

Check out our ” See Us In Action” page for photos and videos of event we have worked in the past! Call or email to have your event quoted! Discounts offered to churches, schools, and non-profit events/organizations. 


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