About The Farmish


We wanted to take a moment and introduce you to Absoylutely Not! Adventures, LLC. As a family trying to raise three boys, one of whom deals with severe food allergies, we have turned to good old-fashioned fun and family values to keep our spirits high and zest for life alive! We believe in hard work (which happens at our home on The Farmish-a little bit farm and a little bit not), respect and love for all of God’s creatures, and commitment to family, faith, and friends.

No doubt you are questioning the funky name that labels our business. It is actually both a stern warning and a humorous response to life at the Farmish. Let me begin with the humourous response.

We love animals. Period. Whether toys or living and breathing, if we can hug it then we want it. The “we” would be Heather and the boys. While fond of animals, Earl isn’t so keen on the upkeep, expense, and time that they generally demand. Therefore, his “Absolutely not! We are not getting a goat” became almost robotic as we eventually asked for a dog, some chickens, a sheep, and even a cat. You should have heard the “ABSOLUTELY NOT!” when there was even the slightest mention of a pony. Now look at The Farmish… Something changed!

The change in our outlook occurred when we found out Ryley had severe food allergies. We had no idea that the random rashes, unexplainable swelling, irritable bowels, and cranky temper were linked to anything serious. It took an allergic reaction of epic proportions before we learned the truth. Ry suffers from severe food allergies to soy, peanuts, and chickpeas as well as products containing colored dyes and high fructose corn syrup. Because they are all serious and have the potential to be  life-threatening, our family has had to adopt an “absolutely not” approach to many foods.

Because life suddenly seemed so “un-fun” when you had to worry about what would happen at parties and events and dining out, we resorted to creating our own fun and enjoying the small things in life to our fullest ability. Realizing that one wrong thing could jeopardize our son’s life has taught us much about treasuring each moment for all of the good and the bad that it might hold. Life and time are too precious and valuable to waste, so we have taken our “absoylutely not’s!” and turned them into fantastic adventures and memories that will last forever.

The Absoylutely Not! Gang

Earl, Heather, Brayden, Ryley, and Carson Richards

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